There is something almost miraculous about the sun, sand, and sea. After a grinding year of work & play, a bit of beach time seems to lift the spirits and restore the soul. It probably also helps to have no schedule and no requirement to cook or clean! Even so, sand between the toes, salty air, and a blue horizon makes the everyday just melt away.  

Clearly this is a common philosophy, as here in Hua Hin, people from all walks of life step out for a daily constitutional. Anything goes on the beach - from  style and self absorption, to real "Martin Parr" moments of families with their kids.  Because of the tidal peculiarities, a beach walk is restricted to the golden hour in the evenings, returning to the hotel gardens for dusk - a photographers dream time. So I reflect on another decade on the clock (yes, a big birthday has come & gone) & look forward to a new year as a senior with renewed vigour & curiosity.